Music Media Ministry

Music Media Ministry is a Philadelphia, PA based Media Broadcast and Production Company that is:

– Pioneering new pathways into Church Growth, Church Health and Worship Based Evangelism;

– Blazing new trails into the Evolution of Traditional Christian Worship and Liturgy;

– Providing Innovative Insight and Direct Access to Programming and Opportunities for the Promotion of Peace and Peacemaking Within a Non-Violence, Social Justice and Spiritual Transformation Context;

– Modeling Interfaith Partnership and Network Utilization in the Promotion of Peacemaking Objectives;

– Creating Pristine Production and Healing Message Entertainment;

– Providing Conceptual Analysis and Seasoned Perspective To Matters Of Substance, Structure and Flow.

With expertise in Conference, Large Scale Concert and Event Production, we are a One Stop Resource for every aspect of any personal, industrial or professional Production Requirement.

With over thirty-five (35) years in Broadcast, Ministry, Production and Conceptual Consulting Service Experience, we are your Best Stop for matters of  Logistics, Concept Design and Implementation, and Message Delivery Mechanism.

Music Media Ministry specializes in the Sacred Art of Christian Worship, providing access to tangible outcomes in Personal Healing Meditation, Corporate and Individual Worship, and Ministry Program Development. As churches, ministries, groups and individuals continually search for tools to develop their witness and to celebrate the Healing Power of Christ Emmanuel, Music Media Ministry is poised to be in active partnership with all who value innovation, creativity and excellence.

Music Media Ministry is also a Full Service Broadcast Production Company providing Drafting, Scripting, Directing, Producing and Total Project Management for any scale of Event, Broadcast Recording or Informational Campaign.  Creative and Logistical Consultation along with the full range of Audio, Video, Lighting and Conference Production Services provide you with access to any configuration of message communication.  We are expert in all aspects of Custom Designed Events; Transformational Worship Presentation, Concert Performance, Event and Product Promotion, and Entertainment (employing the musical genres of Classical – Jazz – Sacred Jazz – Commercially Contemporary and beyond) as well as Full Scale Industrial Production Scenarios.

Music Media Ministry also specializes in Project Concept Design and Development as well as Logistics Construction, Implementation and Situation Solution Equations.  These services include Grant Proposal Writing, Project Format & Process (Situation) Analysis and Outcome Management Design, along with Administrative Systems Structuring, Public and Private Promotional Imaging and Production.  In short, we can escort you through the process of Bringing Your Concept or Idea To Life, as well as provide you with the capacity to manage all the related  aspects of Situation Solution , Characterization, Information & Operation Structural Process and Flow.  So whether you have a Dream or a Problem…We Can Help You Achieve The Reality or See The Solution.

Music Media Ministry Is The Bridge Between:

* Your Need For Entertainment and The Excellence of Your Event

* Your Concept or Message and Its Effective Communication

* Your Dream or Vision and Its Manifested Reality

* Your Issue or Problem and A Situational Solution

* Your Need For Inspiration and Your Transformational Success