The Faith Fusion Contusion

THE FAITH FUSION CONTUSION is a band ensemble constructed around and focused into and through the following notion:  If we’re going to Fuse our Faith, we’re going to Bruise our Faith.  The work at hand is to transform the bruises we encounter in our efforts to work together into stepping stones on our way to the places where we can begin our Healing…forging authentically genuine, organic partnerships that empower us to truly unite our voices for Justice and Peace.

This previously un-released video recording is from the 2014 Live Laboratory Concert Performance of WARREN COOPER & THE FAITH FUSION CONTUSION at the TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH in Philadelphia, PA USA . “AMAZING GRACE ‘Hood – 2 – ‘Hood” is a Worshipfully Light-hearted Praise Parody that celebrates the convergence of worship styles (found in different neighborHOODS) on the Theme of God’s AMAZING GRACE. The celebrated American Hymn AMAZING GRACE (the same tune that was born of a former Slave Ship Captain, and inspired by the modalities that emerged from his Captive Slave Passengers) is a place where we all meet…for comfort, for assurance, to be reminded of that promised quotient which enables all that is good, and spares us from that which is worse than the Bad we are able to see.  Indeed God’s Grace is Truly Amazing…whatever ‘hood you’re from…


“…AMAZING GRACE… ‘Hood – 2 – ‘Hood”