The Warren Cooper Sacred Jazz Ensemble

The Warren Cooper Sacred Jazz Ensemble is a varied instrumental configuration that frames the jazz vocal artistry of Warren Cooper in the context of Sacred Message Music.  From hymns and spirituals to transposed standards and original compositions, this music is appropriate for the concert or worship service setting.  With over 35 years of Worship Design experience, Warren Cooper is able to custom design a worship or concert circumstance that is truly transformation in a multitude of contexts.

A professional musician since the age of nine, Warren has performed in theaters, churches and concert halls around the world, all the while redefining the approach to vocal jazz in both the sacred and secular contexts – each with an equal quotient of spiritual inspiration.  Whether in a Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet setting, Warren Cooper & The Sacred Jazz create an atmosphere of worshipful swing – employing Holy Spirit rhythm in each instrument submitted as a vessel for God to use in making Spirits Sing.  Where a new imaginative voice meet the world’s newest innovative musicians is Warren Cooper & The Sacred Jazz…Prophetic Music That Swings.